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Professional Researches

As professional researches in IT are having importance so keeping in mind we are working on professional researches. LEARN MORE


Dynamic Development

Dynamic Systems Development Method is a software development methodology originally based upon the RAD. LEARN MORE


Case Studies

A case study is a research methodology common in social science. It is based on an in-depth investigation LEARN MORE


The softwares that are developed in techno solotions are available here so you can view all these softwares here.



Techno Solutions was established in 1999 in Singapore and led by the experienced Management and technical team with a solid success track. Last but not least.

Techno Solutions team consists of professionals having software architects, graphic designers and permanent team of Experienced and highly qualified software experts. The staff possesses years of experience while working with Government and private sector

Kuwait office

Pakistan office:

Under the supervision of Mr. Imran we have a team of 16 developers, 3 designers each of them has minimum of 4 years experience.

Singapore office:

Under the supervision of Mrs. Geetah our 45 developers are working on different projects our main clients for Singapore offices are banks that require ATM solutions

Germany office: (Our business partners)

Miss Olga is handling all the operations in Germany for Mainframes and server applications with the team of 400 Developers and 38 other management officials.

Business Module


Our group follows the Extreme Development Strategies which is the rapid development techniques.
Workflow Guidelines
E-Commerce (B2B, B2C, Web Portals)
Web Design
Distributed Software solutions
Content Management
Knowledge Management
Data Warehousing
Data Mining
We attend the choosing of proper development tools in accordance with the project goals. Depending on business needs
We choose Internet, Intranet, desktop, client-server, or multi-tier architecture. We are experienced in using cutting-edge technologies like .NET, CORBA, EJB, J2EE, and Servlets. A summary of our skills


Operational Systems Microsoft Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95, SunOS, Linux Red Hat

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