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Professional Researches

As professional researches in IT are having importance so keeping in mind we are working on professional researches. LEARN MORE


Dynamic Development

Dynamic Systems Development Method is a software development methodology originally based upon the RAD. LEARN MORE


Case Studies

A case study is a research methodology common in social science. It is based on an in-depth investigation LEARN MORE


The softwares that are developed in techno solotions are available here so you can view all these softwares here.


Techno Solutions International is able to follow your project in all of his life's phases. Dynamic Development is our object oriented development methodology. As part of our due diligence in the architecture design, we try to keep our software project the most linear as possible from his conceptualization to the database design to the creation of the multilayered code project to the final user interface. This enormously drops development times and effort. All of these following phases are documented using the MSF standard.